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I wanted to make a readable bibliography which uses as less space as possible, something like this: I modified the A&A natbib style package to have something like that, here is the code (rename bib.txt to proposal.bst). You need to put it into your latex as: This create citations of the type “[1]”, which are   Read More …

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This is a python program to inspect GBT data under the Obit fits file format. This is the “manual” of the software:

Here is the LaTeX code to inserto two images of different dimensions and a caption in this format: The code uses minipages (as usual!) to solve this problem. begin{figure*} begin{minipage}[t]{.6linewidth}vspace{0pt} includegraphics[width=linewidth]{image1.eps} label{fig:image1} end{minipage} hfill begin{minipage}[t]{.4linewidth}vspace{0pt}raggedright begin{minipage}[t]{linewidth}vspace{0pt}raggedright includegraphics[width=linewidth]{image2.eps} label{fig:image2} end{minipage} begin{minipage}[t]{linewidth}vspace{20pt}raggedright caption{Caption […]} label{fig:spidx} end{minipage} end{minipage} end{figure*}

Categories: Coding, LaTeX