Francesco de Gasperin ⋇ personal page

Curriculum Vitae

Current position

Staff Scientist
via Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna
Jr. Professor of Radioastronomy
University of Hamburg
Gojenbergsweg 112, 21029 Hamburg

Education & Research

VENI fellow (2015-2018)
University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands

Research Associate (2012-2015)
University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Ph.D. in Astrophysics (2009-2012)
Research project: “The impact of radio emitting super massive black holes on their environment: the LOFAR view of the Virgo cluster”
Supervisors: Dr. Andrea Merloni & Dr. Guinevere Kauffmann
Final grade: 1 (magna cum laude)
Max Planck Institut Für Astrophysik
Excellence Cluster Universe
International Max Planck Research School for Astrophysics (IMPRS)
at the Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich, Germany

M.Sc. in Physics (2006-2009), curriculum of Astrophysics
Research project: “Simulations and removal strategies of thermal systematic effects in Planck-LFI”
Supervisors: Prof. Davide Maino & Dr. Aniello Mennella
Final grade: 110/110 cum laude
Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy

B.Sc. in Physics (2003-2006)
Research project: “Vasculogenesis models by means of statistical mechanical methods”
Supervisor: Prof. Giovanni Naldi
Final grade: 110/110
Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy

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