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I wanted to make a readable bibliography which uses as less space as possible, something like this:


I modified the A&A natbib style package to have something like that, here is the code (rename bib.txt to proposal.bst). You need to put it into your latex as:

\usepackage[numbers, sort&compress]{natbib} 
 \renewcommand{\item}[1][]{ \textbullet\ \textbf{\olditem} } 

This create citations of the type “[1]”, which are the shortest. They are listed in order of appearance. To add the bibliography then I use:

\renewcommand{\section}[2]{} % remove title
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  1. Pablo says:

    It doesn’t work. I guess some commands are missing the “\” at the beginning of some lines. Can you please update this code? Thanks!

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