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Data SNR G351.0-5.4

Fits file of the map in Fig. 1 (caption: “GMRT radio maps of SNR G351.0-5.4 at 325 MHz. Beam size is shown in the bottom left corner, contours are equally spaced between 2sigma and 20sigma in logarithm space with sigma = 1.5 mJy/beam. Dashed contours are at -2sigma. The dashed circle traces the SNR shell location, while the yellow dot shows the positions of the pulsar PSR J1744-3922 and the red star shows the position of the gamma-ray source 3EG J1744-3934. The dotted-circle is the 1sigma position error of the gamma-ray source.”)

Fits file of the map in Fig. 5 (caption: “Photon count from the Fermi-LAT observation in the energy band 1-500 GeV. The angular resolution (68% containment radius) increases monotonically from ~1 deg to ~0.2 deg in the energy range 1-300 GeV. White contours follow the gamma-ray emission. Black contours follow the NVSS 1.4 GHz emission.”)